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You long for the sweaty feeling of PVC and plastic on your skin? You have a passion for PVC and latex and are looking for suitable clothes for role plays or just to feel good? Or you need high quality and safe clothing for incontinence and bladder weakness? At PVC UNIQUE you will find a wide range of fetish fashion and clothing made of PVC, vinyl and soft foil. Our offer includes overalls, sleeping bags, bodysuits, diaper pants, dresses, Sissy Maid and Adult Baby fetish articles, as well as bondage fashion and accessories. In our online store you will definitely find what you are looking for. And so that you can order your new PVC clothing well informed, we have prepared a small overview of everything worth knowing about PVC fetish clothing and clothing for everyday life made of PVC:

Why PVC clothing – PVC UNIQUE explains

When people think of “PVC” or “Vinyl” (abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride), many people tend to think of plastic tablecloths or floor coverings from the hardware store. Many do not know that clothing is also made from the versatile vinyl film. Already since the 70s the trend “clothes made of plastic” found its way into the mainstream. From the catwalks of fashion shows and pages of glossy magazines, PVC and latex found its way into the boutiques of the fashion metropolises Paris, Milan, London and Berlin. Today pop stars like Lady GaGa and actresses like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Transformers / Mad Max Fury Road) or Milla Jovovich (The 5th Element / Resident Evil) wear PVC clothing on the show stage or in everyday life completely naturally. But also outside the mainstream, PVC developed into a popular material for the production of all kinds of clothing. Especially clothes that can be very erotic. PVC has many practical properties. It is waterproof and repels moisture. It does not absorb smells and is in many cases more hygienic than normal textile laundry. At the same time vinyl is robust and yet – e.g. with the soft foil we use – pleasantly soft on the skin. This makes it an ideal material e.g. for rainwear (rain jackets, rain pants or raincoats), overalls, boots, shoes, bags and accessories. Complemented with frills, snaps, zippers and other pretty and sophisticated details – and the range of more than 20 different colors – PVC film leaves nothing to be desired in the production of clothing.

PVC Clothing: a good choice for many occasions

The uses of PVC for clothing are many and varied. However, clothes made of PVC are different from clothes made of conventional textiles, such as cotton or linen. When you switch to wearing PVC clothing, you do not want to wear anything else. At least that is what convinced PVC wearers claim. The sweaty feeling of tight, airtight clothing is the main reason for them. Therefore this tendency goes far beyond the rubber or latex fetish and is primarily lived out by people who are into erotic role plays in which the material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a crucial component. Some of our customers describe the smell of PVC as stimulating and seductive.

Incontinence products made of PVC

One category of clothing made of PVC film is protective clothing for incontinence and bladder weakness. The low odour, high wearing comfort and easy cleaning make clothes made of PVC film a practical addition to your classic clothing. Underwear (especially diaper pants) made of a special pleasant and soft foil is in great demand here. The term “rubber pants” has become more common for this type of incontinence products, as they were originally made of real rubber. PVC is also a popular choice for use in the hospital and care sector. Also – in a thicker version – for protective and safety clothing in industry.

Erotic Passion meets Desire: PVC Clothing in Fetish and Bondage

PVC clothing is especially suitable as sexy and erotic fetish outfit for adults. For example for role-plays at home, in the club or at erotic parties. Fashion in soft, lacquer foil or latex is very tight and is worn on the naked skin. One has the feeling to have a second skin. The body shape is emphasized and makes women or men look irresistibly sexy. Curves – especially female curves – are perfectly set in scene. This is intensified by light reflections on the shiny material and creates the popular wet look. To what extent you take up clothing made of the versatile material for your own erotic outfits is up to you. From discreet lingerie, seductive panties over a catsuit or body to a full body overall, there are no limits to your creativity and preferences. Have you become curious? Take your time and have a look at our range of PVC Fetish Clothing. Who knows which fantasies are awakened in you…

Buying PVC Clothing – What you should know

Particularly in the area of incontinence products, care should be taken to ensure that the quality and workmanship of the products is outstanding. Nothing is more unpleasant than the experience that the clothing that is supposed to support and protect you does not. For example, because the material has flaws or the seams or snap fasteners are not properly worked during production. Of course it is also important that plastic clothing is comfortable to wear, because you want to feel comfortable in your PVC clothing (e.g. diaper pants or panties) for a long time. PVC clothing should not fit too tight to the body. There should be some room for manoeuvre, as most films are not elastic. Therefore, choosing the right size is a crucial point when buying plastic products. If you are unsure, take a look at our size chart or ask us. We will be happy to help you find the right garment for you. You should also be sure that you do not have any allergies to PVC, plastic or latex. And that the material used for your vinyl clothing has a low pollution level. In our advice section we have put together a detailed shopping and material guide for PVC products, as well as a guide for the care of your PVC clothing:

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With PVC Clothing from PVC UNIQUE you make a good choice. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of PVC Clothing, we offer you refined and exclusive products. All products are carefully handmade. We have high quality standards for our materials, whether PVC film, snap fasteners or zippers. Because quality and good service are always our first priority. We could already prove this for several years on the sales platform ebay and this is also confirmed by our constantly growing satisfied customers from all over the world (including Dubai, USA, Greece, France, Great Britain). Feel free to have a look around our online store and discover our extensive range of products. There will certainly be something for you. Would you prefer to have a new garment made individually and perfectly fitting to your wishes? We would be happy to advise you and fulfill your wish of a custom-made PVC favorite. Use our contact form and write us your ideas.