Incontinence Clothing

Especially in the incontinence clothing category, you should make sure that the quality and workmanship of the products is excellent. Nothing is more unpleasant than the experience that the clothing that is supposed to support and protect the wearer does not do this. For example, because the material has flaws or the seams or snap fasteners are not properly made. Of course, a comfortable feeling is also important for underwear made of plastic. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your underwear for a long time.


You should make sure that you have no allergies to PVC, plastic or latex. Synthetic fibres such as polyester, polyamide, polyacrylic, elastane but also PVC contain various chemicals that can affect your health. Contact allergies – i.e. allergies when substances come into contact with the skin – are mainly caused by dyes, especially dispersion dyes. These are also contained in PVC. Frequent wearing of close-fitting clothing favors the transfer of dyes to and into the skin. Pressure, friction and sweating can increase this.

Chemicals and harmful substances

Plastics and synthetic fibers such as PVC or plastic contain various chemicals. In addition to the colorants (dispersion dyes) mentioned under the section “Allergies”, almost all plastics contain plasticizers. Plasticizers are partly harmful to health and the environment. Especially phthalates are known for their harmful properties. With a market share of 70%, they make up a large proportion of plasticizers. Due to their hazardous properties, they are now prohibited in many applications (e.g. in children’s toys). It is amazing how many products contain plasticizers. In addition to plastics and synthetic fibers, plasticizers can also be found in everyday articles such as tablets, colored pencils, deodorants, perfume, children’s toys, cables, office supplies and much more. If you want to know more about plasticizers, we recommend the following article:: For you, this means that you should make sure that you buy PVC clothing that has as little pollution as possible. You can find this out by smelling the article. If your plastic clothing smells intensely and unpleasantly, then this can be an indication of a strong pollution load. However, a slight plastic smell is normal and is perceived by many wearers as pleasantly seductive. This slight smell usually disappears after a short time. Even if newly purchased PVC articles, for example from the Far East, look visually appealing and are inexpensive, they always stand out because of their intense, unpleasant smell. While in the European Union the use of harmful plasticizers such as phthalates is prohibited in many products, this cannot be assumed for products coming from outside the EU. We recommend that you always wash your new clothes before wearing them for the first time. If new items are washed before you wear them for the first time, at least the harmful substances that are not firmly attached to the fibres will be rinsed off. Note: The foils we use at PVC UNIQUE to manufacture our products are already pre-cleaned. Washing before the first wearing is therefore not necessary.

Pay attention to the correct size

PVC clothing should not fit too tight to the body. Some room for manoeuvre is acceptable, as most foils are not elastic. PVC UNIQUE garments are rather generous in size. Therefore it is not necessary to buy the desired article one size larger. Sometimes we also use elastic material. This is indicated in the article description.

Pay attention to your own intended use

Should it be an item for the fashion aspect or for pure sweating? Maybe both? In PVC clothing you sweat enormously. If this is undesirable because the fashion aspect is in the foreground, we recommend wearing cotton underwear under the PVC outfit. E.g. a shirt, long trousers etc.