The right cleaning and care of your PVC clothing guarantees that you will enjoy it for a long time. You can of course clean and care for your PVC clothing with special PVC care products, but that is not necessary. Here we will tell you how you can clean and care for your PVC clothing at home with simple household products and without expensive special care products.

8 simple rules for the cleaning and care of your PVC Clothing

    • 1) Cleaning in the shower

      A simple variant of cleaning is to put on your clothes and take a shower *). In the shower, clean your clothes with normal shower gels while you are wearing them. This is much less harmful to PVC than the washing machine.
      *) ATTENTION: this of course only works with unpadded articles.

    • 2) No aggressive detergents

      Do not use aggressive detergents when cleaning your PVC clothing. It is important here that you do not use detergents with perfume additives. We recommend that you use dishwashing detergent or a mild hair shampoo. A special care or cleaning product for PVC or latex is not absolutely necessary.

    • 3) Dry off well

      Dry your panties, bodysuits and other PVC clothing immediately and thoroughly with a towel. This prevents the formation of an unattractive lime residue.

    • 4) Washing in the washing machine

      SIf you want to wash your PVC clothing in the washing machine, make sure there are no fabric softener additives in the detergent. Your PVC clothing does not tolerate spinning and of course plastic clothes are not suitable for the tumble dryer.

    • 5) Remove folds and dents

      If your clothes have wrinkles or dents, you can use a hairdryer to bring them back into “shape”. Use the lowest heat level of your hairdryer and gently warm up the wrinkled or bulging areas until the wrinkles and dents disappear.

    • 6) Protect your PVC Clothing from heat

      Make sure that your PVC clothing does not get any heat or warmth. Do not place your PVC clothing directly in the sun or on a warm heater. Also, too hot water (for example in the washing machine) is not good for your clothes. And of course you should not put your PVC clothes in the tumble dryer or iron them with an iron. PVC – like plastic in general – does not like excessive heat or heat. It is best to use lukewarm water (about 35 degrees Celsius) for cleaning.

    • 7) Protect your PVC clothing from the cold

      Just like excessive heat or heat, PVC does not like enormous cold. Cold makes the material brittle and can lead to damage.

    • 8) Stow and store your PVC Clothing properly

      Stow your PVC clothing carefully folded without folding or creasing it excessively. You can also hang larger items such as bodies on a hanger. This way, your PVC clothing will remain undamaged and in shape.

If you follow these 8 simple rules, you will enjoy your PVC clothing for a long time.